Axxon Next Retail Pack

POS supervision

Axxon Next receives data from cash registers and links it to video feeds. The receipt text is superimposed on the video or displayed in a separate pane. You can use receipt data to retrieve POS transaction videos from the recorded footage.
Queue management

The tool detects the number of people in queueing areas. When you know actual customer numbers, you can manage human resources, in both short and long-term.
Visitor counter

This tool counts customers entering or exiting the store or a specific area. The information collected may be used, along with sales data, to estimate your sales conversion rate, and/or for market research.Heat map

A heat map is a graphic representation of visitor activity (visitor numbers/time spent) in different store areas. The heat map can be generated from either all object or specified object tracking data (similar to the filtering criteria used in MomentQuest).

Age and gender guesstimation

The face recognition tool guesstimates age and gender of visitors. The saved data may be used for customer analysis, digital signage targeting, and other marketing purposes.
Black/white list check

Based on facial recognition, you can launch automatic scenarios when a positive match is found. The white list may notify store personnel of VIP customer arrivals, while the black list may indicate shoplifters.
Web access to comprehensive reports

You can build custom reports based on POS transaction data, visitor count, queue length, age and gender guesstimation, and other Axxon Retail Suite tools. The web interface enables you to obtain reports from any store within your retail chain via the Internet.

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39 Alison Crescent
S2 1AS
United Kingdom

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