Axis delivers innovative surveillance system for UK’s largest independent cheese producer, Wyke Farms

30 Mar 2015

Axis Communications, the global market leader in network video, and partners PG Security and Milestone, have delivered a state-of-the-art surveillance solution to Somerset-based Wyke Farms. 

Wyke Farms has been producing the finest English cheddar cheese and butter since 1861 in the heart of the Somerset countryside. It wanted to upgrade its existing security systems at its main dairy and additional cameras to the network at its newly-built biogas plant site. While the farm had existing an existing CCTV system, which incorporated Axis and other brand network cameras, managers were aware that a more flexible and reliable approach could be achieved to an Axis-only solution. The family-owned manufacturer has always been committed to operating in a way that causes minimal impact to the countryside. It has a 100% green strategy and aims to be one of the greenest grocery brands.

Upon analysis, and consultation with Axis, PG Security specified and designed an integrated solution that incorporated 25 Axis network cameras. This was to work alongside the open platform Milestone XProtect video management software that would provide Wyke Farms with an intuitive way to manage and review video surveillance over its network.

Atul Rajput, regional director, northern Europe at Axis Communications said: “Wyke Farms was looking to upgrade its incumbent surveillance solution in the old dairy, primarily used to monitor processes within the building, to a more streamlined, energy efficient solution, and extend coverage to a new biogas plant site. As Wyke Farms was already accustomed to the benefits of Axis cameras and impressed with their performance, the company did not consider any alternative manufacturers.”

Due to the strict nature of the UK food industry, Wyke Farms must follow stringent health and safety guidelines. As a supplier to some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets it needed to guarantee that the highest levels of health and safety would be adhered to, as it could be asked to provide evidence at any time.

Jason Fewell, group engineering manager at Wyke Farms explained: “We need to be able to give our customers the reassurance that our processes are in accordance with the industry’s health and food safety requirements. We needed an effective surveillance system that could provide us with high-quality images and increase the coverage across both sites, both internally and externally.”

Vandal and dust-resistant AXIS M3005-V Network Cameras were specified for their hygienic properties and ease of installation, while externally, AXIS P1344 and AXIS P1347 Network Cameras, incorporating Axis’ environmentally friendly day and night functionality, were used for increased energy efficiency.

Axis cameras provide surveillance both inside and outside the farm’s premises. As well as an in-built tampering alert, which signals any vandalism attempts to the management system, the cameras also only record when they detect movement, which has a significant energy saving benefits. The cameras are equipped with remote control, which makes it possible for personnel to investigate incidents remotely, reducing the need for physical service visits, resulting in fewer driving hours and less fuel consumption.

Atul added: “The new Axis-based system provides the farm and its customers with the peace of mind that health and safety remains at the forefront. Thanks to our commitment to sustainability in the design, manufacture and supply of all our cameras, coupled with the efficiency of network video technology, the overall installation was completely in keeping with Wyke Farms’ green commitment.” 

Jason concluded: “Network video impacts less negatively on the environment than traditional analogue systems and so was the natural choice. The Axis-based system has given us a sustainable, intuitive solution that will be able to support us as we grow.”

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