AVer launches state-of-the-art surveillance product

25 Jul 2013

AVer's IWH5416+16 is a state-of-the-art hybrid DVR with Intel i7 quad-core processor and support for up to 32 IP Cameras

  • Quad-core processor supports up to 32 IP cameras
  • Six removable SATA HDDs alongside e-SATA, RAID and iSCSI for external storage
  • Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) offers face recognition, object and motion detection and more...
  • Configurable alarms for events such as object removal, camera tampering or obstruction, unattended items and more...
  • Remote access and control includes support for Android and Apple devices
  • Powerful CMS offers control for up to 1000 DVRs and unlimited displays

AVer, a major global provider of HD video-conferencing products, surveillance, and presentation technology, has announced the launch of the IWH5416+16 hybrid embedded DVR. Delivering cutting-edge surveillance control to retail, wholesale and other relevant sectors, the IWH5416+16 culminates in one of the most advanced site monitoring systems the industry has to offer.

Boasting quad-core CPUs, support for up to 32 IP cameras or up to 16 channels hybrid (IP and Analogue), 6 SATA HDDs via 6 removable trays and support for e-SATA, RAID and iSCSI, the IWH5416+16's impressive configuration is matched only by the range of tools designed to optimise and streamline surveillance operation regardless of intended use.

The IWH5416+16's capabilities centre around in-built Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), which incorporates a range of automated monitoring systems designed to improve efficiency and operation. With Motion Detection for up to three different areas, Object Detection to identify missing or suspicious objects and scene changes and FaceFinder to keep a visual record of all persons captured by selected cameras, scene recognition is cleverly automated to minimise the chance of operators missing important details. Event searches can be configured by date, time and various conditions (e.g. video loss or motion) from specific cameras, an intelligent search can be performed based on motion detected in a set area and PTZ Tracking offers self-directed vision-guided tracking of a moving object using a single PTZ camera.

The system also includes automated PTZ tracking which starts automatically within configurable tracking boundaries for precise monitoring, with a user immediately able to switch to manual operation. A S.M.A.R.T status alarm prevents HDD failure, camera bandwidth monitoring ensures optimised IP camera performance and a noise reduction filter ensures playback remains flicker-free.

Event alarms are also infinitely customisable and can be triggered for various events, such as when objects in a pre-defined zone exceed a threshold (e.g. customer flow in a secure area), when objects are removed from certain zones (e.g. paintings in an art gallery) or when objects are left alone for an extended period of time (e.g. unattended baggage). Users can be notified when a camera is obstructed or repositioned or when motion is detected in a pre-defined zone, and human faces from live video can be quickly cross-referenced and matched with other existing footage. With support for up to 64 alarm notifications, these can be set to sound when triggered by a single event or a predefined combination of events to help improve accuracy, with E-map pop-ups triggered when alarms occur.

Finally, a powerful CMS allows larger sites to control up to 1000 DVRs with a TV-wall command centre of unlimited displays, with full control over configuration of remotely connected DVRs and cameras, I/O and PTZ control, 2-way audio and remote recording and playback. Users can also receive real-time alarm video/snapshots from remote DVRs, sort and search alarms by priority and assigned alarms to different individuals to increase efficiency. Additionally, the IWH5416+16 can be monitored and controlled remotely from Apple and Android devices, laptops and remote terminals.

"The IWH5416+16is the result of a desire to produce the most powerful, flexible and feature-rich surveillance DVR on the market," said Nigel Roberts, Marketing Manager of AVer. "By combining cutting-edge hardware with some of the most advanced monitoring tools around, the IWH5416+16 can facilitate complete coverage of small or large sites and reduce the chance of human error by automating many of the most common checks that would be performed."

As with all AVer products the IWH5416+16 comes as standard with a three year warranty as well as AVer's excellent levels of pre and post-sales support for all customers.

Pricing and availability:

The AVer IWH5416+16 is available immediately and is priced at £4,258 excluding VAT.

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