Automatic Systems helps secure Next Plc’s Head Office Site

25 Feb 2019


Next Plc’s head office required a security upgrade to all their buildings on their site in Enderby, Leicestershire.

Automatic Systems had previously worked at their site on their Next Directory building. The call centre operates a 24/7 opening policy and they wanted to secure the building out of hours, eliminating the need to staff it with security out of hours.

Due to the success of this project Automatic Systems were the preferred suppliers to carry out works to the rest of the buildings and entrances on site.


The head office site is very open increasing the worry and risk of anyone unauthorised being able to enter any of the buildings and access their data.

The CEO did not want a perimeter fence so another solution needed to be drafted to look at securing the internal space of the buildings. The site employs over 3000 staff so a solution that resolves all problems needed to be sought.

The project was split into two phases between the other buildings, and a range of different lanes used largely SmartLane 900 with 1900 high glass with SL931 disabled gates and 1900 high glass. Where space was tight a Slimlane SL950 with 1700 glass was used.

Client Testimonial
The overall project went smoothly with very little disruption to the business. The turnstiles were installed with minimal disturbance to our Head Office site, this was due to the organised approach and risk assessments carried out before starting the works and understanding the businesses hotspots.

The turnstiles have been in place for over a year now and through this there have been big changes within the business. With the added depth of security we are now able to introduce more stringent processes and conduct more robust security operations and audits.

As a business we are more than happy with the efficiency of the installation and the benefits we have gained from the works.

Thank you,

Darren Smith

Site Security Manager - Next

T: 01604 654210

Unit 18-19 Babbage House
Northampton Science Park
Kings Park Road, Moulton Park
Northampton, Northamptonshire
United Kingdom

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