Automaker Utilizes LTS PTZs to Secure Assembly Line

10 May 2017

a well-known automaker with a plant in Texas wanted to secure its equipment and ensure its large, heavy and fast moving machinery worked properly in the paint department. The system needed to be affordable, flexible, reliable, and secure the assembly line and make the employees feel safer as well.  Sixteen Platinum IP PTZ High Speed Dome Cameras 2.1MP, PTZIP512X20IR, were installed and secured to steel posts overlooking and surrounding the production line.  the installer was later able to provide the necessary wattage to the cameras without the PoE injectors by using managed PoE switches. This allowed them to not only fully power the cameras, but transmit video data from the cameras to the Platinum Enterprise Level 32 Channel 4K NVR 1.5U, LTN8832K-P16. A Western Digital Purple Surveillance Hard Drive 6TB, DHWD60PURX, recorded and stored video information of the paint department.

7th Floor, Auto Electric Power Building,
SongpingShan Road
Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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