Astute Electronics Ltd

We are an electronic component distributor supporting UK and International customers alike. Through our locations in England, Scotland, China, USA and India, Astute provides the best in component supply, anti-counterfeit mitigation, logistical solutions and new-design support. We are proud to deliver what British companies are best known for: Quality and Service.

FOCUSED DESIGN ACTIVITYWe have selected manufacturers with industry-leading products and a flexible supply approach in order to best support the Hi-Rel and defence markets. Our technical support teams contain respected experts in semiconductor and electromechanical technologies alike. We ensure only relevant products are introduced and with no cross-over in Franchise technology, we can confirm a total commitment with the manufacturer that you choose to work with.

ACAP (ASTUTE COUNTERFEIT AVOIDANCE PROGRAMME)Whilst every effort is made to supply components through fully tra...

Astute Electronics Ltd
T: +44 (0) 1438 909909

Astute House
Rutherford Close
Stevenage, Herts
United Kingdom

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