Amaryllo International B.V.

Founded in the Netherlands, Amaryllo pioneers in the AI as a Service to offer robotic security and data mining solutions. Amaryllo provides world’s most secure 256-bit encrypted P2P network, patented camera robot, fast facial recognition, auto-tracking function, smart retailer CRM service, and flexible cloud storage service to B2C/B2B/B2G market.   

Amaryllo smart retailer CRM service, Soteria, is the 2018 CES BEST Innovation Award winner. Unlike conventional wisdom, which requires expensive computer to perform video analytics, Soteria does not require any prior hardware investment to offer real-time customer analytics such as head counting, hot zone, gender/age recognition, etc. Soteria identifies VIP/Blacklist and sends recognition alert to owners instantly. With unlimited real-time data analytics and flexible storage plans, Soteria refines customer experience while maximizing sales conversion rate and helps ow...

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