Altify creates a seamless event experience with Traction Guest

9 Apr 2019

The experience of waiting in a long line when registering at events is anything but welcoming. As conferences and field events are a big part of Altify’s marketing strategy, their team was determined to create a seamless, personalized experience for every guest. With the customizable visitor management system by Traction Guest, Altify was able to transform the event experience from the moment people walked through the door. 

Meet Suzanne Rabauer, Sr. Director Demand Generation at Altify, a San Jose-based Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO) company. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Altify’s CRO application helps thousands of salespeople, sales leaders and executives achieve sustained customer revenue optimization and sales success.

Conferences and field events are a big part of Altify’s marketing strategy. Naturally, the Dreamforce conference provides tremendous opportunities to connect with their target audience and is a big focus for the team’s yearly planning. Every year, Suzanne’s team orchestrates as many as seven different events during the week of Dreamforce. Making sure that the event generates ROI is in Altify’s team’s DNA, but so is creating exceptional visitor experiences.

It was through Suzanne’s meticulous attention to every detail of their visitor experience, that she saw the potential of the Traction Guest platform. “Altify’s major presence at Dreamforce was an integral part of our marketing strategy. As an innovative tech company, we’re always looking for cutting edge solutions that match our brand and values.”

For Suzanne, the experience of waiting in a long line when registering at events was anything but welcoming. The team was determined to create a seamless, personalized experience for every guest that exceeds their expectations and aligns with Altify’s brand, where speed is a core value.

Altify’s team decided to use Traction Guest event check-in for a first time a week before Dreamforce. Joshua Szepesi, Customer Success Advocate at Traction Guest, worked with the Altify team to implement the solution on time. “We had a tight deadline to roll out the event functionality. Suzanne had a clear idea of the effortless guest registration experience they wanted to offer,” Josh shares.

In order to create a seamless guest sign-in experience – the team uploaded guest lists to the platform, pre-registering attendees ahead of time. When a guest arrived at the event, all they needed to do was to start entering their email address on one of the iPads set up in the check-in area, and their information appeared in the form.

“Looking back, it’s difficult to imagine running the events effectively without Traction Guest,” Suzanne commented. “It took guests seconds to register and created the brand impression of Altify’s focus on innovation right from the start.”

The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Given the tight timeframe, Altify’s team leveraged Traction Guest’s core event features and used the “crawl, walk, run” approach to the full platform implementation. That initial quick win really inspired the team to get creative with the platform and leverage the expanded functionality for future events.

“Working with Traction Guest customer success team was great – they made the process for getting up and running extremely easy”

In February 2019, Altify launched Customer Revenue Optimization as a new category of enterprise selling with their Spring Launch Party, an invitation-only event for 250+ guests.

Joshua supported Suzanne’s team with designing visitor experiences from the moment the invitation is received, to on-site registration, to post-event engagement. “Suzanne worked the Experience Editor like a pro,” says Joshua. “We’ve looked at customizable emails and ID badges, pre-generated QR-codes, offering temporary WIFI credentials and an emergency response plan with the Rollcall view. Ultimately, we’ve focused on implementing the elements that enhanced the visitor experience, while keeping registration time to an absolute minimum.”

The real-time flow of guest data, instant notifications and post-event engagement as well as multi-channel follow-up were other critical components of the launch event plan. Traction Guest, offering a direct integration into Salesforce, enabled the team to map all relevant fields from registration data into Salesforce objects, updating profile records and creating new leads and engagement flows on the fly.

“Using Traction Guest for our most recent event delivered a very positive experience for our guests – streamlining entrance to our event and providing me with the required details for follow-up. On more than one occasion – even the guests commented on the ease of check-in.“

Watchlists were set up to trigger notifications to Altify’s executives when any of the VIP guests checked-in. During the event, the marketing team had a real-time view of who had checked-in, tracking attendance throughout the evening. “Being able to ease the process of checking in and knowing who attended and who didn’t while creating a timely relevant follow-up was huge for us,” says Suzanne.

A major effect of immediately having all visitor information logged into Salesforce was that it created opportunities for proactive follow-up. Sales and marketing teams didn’t have to wait for paper records to be manually logged into Salesforce. “We sent thank-you notes out right away which left guests with a lasting positive impression,” shares Suzanne.

“The integration with Salesforce allowed update campaigns in real-time as our guest were checking in to each event. […] Our guests loved it – we loved it! A must have at every event!”

When we asked Suzanne to identify the main benefits of using Traction Guest for the event team, here were her top five:

Easy to configure/manage, team was fully operational in under 7 daysStreamlines guest check-in, reducing time from minutes to a few secondsExpedites guest follow-up, enabling real-time relevant engagementAllowed notification of VIP guest arrival and customized visitor journeysImmediate update to Salesforce records and campaign

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