Aloft London ExCel Case Study

8 Feb 2018

An example of VID Fire-Kill products when aesthetics truly matter.

The Project in Brief

As the Aloft Hotel Excel is a part of the ExCel International Convention Centre, it was important for the owners that a fire protection system reducing business interruption in case of fires was chosen.

Further it was important that the chosen system would blend into the surroundings of the public hotel spaces. The FireKill™ Model OH nozzles were therefore a perfect match for the project.

Why Was VID FireKill™ Chosen

Main reasons for choosing FireKill™ products:

  • Less water storage and much smaller pumps compared to sprinkler solutions ensured more space for hotel rooms,
  • Less water in case of activation reduced the risk for water damages in adjacent rooms, which reduced possible business interruption,
  • Semi concealed nozzle design and individual specific nozzle color ensured a perfect finish, and a perfect blend into the surroundings.
  • Some Specifics

    Pendent semi-concealed low pressure watermist nozzles from the OH-range were installed discreet in ceilings. Not just one specific color was used - several nozzle colors where delivered for this project ensuring that the nozzles blended exactly into the areas where they were installed.

    The Model OH Nozzle Range

    The FireKill™ Model OH nozzle range consists of low-pressure watermist nozzles with low water requirements and designed to function at low water pressures. When installed recessed, the Model OH nozzles are capable of perfectly blending in with its surroundings due to their semi-concealed design and implementation of rosettes and cover plates supplied in any RAL color or optional print.

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