10 Jun 2014

Leading global provider of security and safety solution, Allegion, presents the latest in reliable and convenient biometric technology with its Schlage Handkey II.

Ideal for use in a whole host of applications from health clubs and childcare centres, through to laboratories and prisons, Allegion’s access control reader utilises field-proven hand geometry technology. It successfully maps and verifies the size and shape of a person’s hand in less than one second, making it ideal for high output applications.

Each Handkey II offers complete door control, providing door lock operation, request for exit and alarm monitoring. It can be used as a stand-alone security solution or form part of networked system ensuring all security requirements are met. The access control reader features a card reader emulation mode making integration with an existing system quick and easy and because the reader relies on hand measurement, each identity is proven.

The use of hand geometry means no fingerprints or palm prints are taken, meaning the user does not leave behind any trace of their biometric data. The measurements of a person’s hand size and shape are converted into a numerical algorithm, which is the only data that is stored. This ensures any privacy concerns are eliminated and users can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Sylvain Bocquet, Electronics Leader EMEAsaid: “Biometrics are the most advanced security solutions on the market today and the Schlage Handkey II allows any security system to reap the benefits of this technology. In addition to its obvious security advantages, the hand geometry readers eliminate the need of a card or key, therefore reducing administrative costs while greatly increasing the level of security.”

The Handkey II comes with a variety of communication options, such as dial-up modems and Ethernet, allowing a system design which can meet all needs. All information, including biometric data and decision-making capabilities, reside locally ensuring all doors are secure and will operate fully even if all communications to the system are lost.

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