Airport City

2 Jul 2013

Preventative security at large business industrial park


Upgrade existing perimeter and alarm technology at a large business/industrial park to create a more proactive, preventative video security system.


  • Help camera operators and guards detect more incidents
  • Classify specific people and vehicles detected
  • Utilize offsite monitoring to proactively respond to suspicious people and vehicles
  • Must work on existing network with minimal infrastructure or hardware requirements

Airport City is an industrial and business site in Cape Town, South Africa, wedged between the city’s international airport and an informal settlement. The sprawling complex houses a number of different businesses. Management wanted to improve site security while stemming a tide of ever-increasing costs.Over the years, the Trustees of Airport City had invested in a combination of various security measures – including perimeter protection barriers, alarm technology and patrolling guards. Despite rising monthly costs, numerous incidents continued. Management approached Verifier – a local remote monitoring company – to recommend a solution which would give accurate early warnings of unusual activity to controllers, reduce the burden on guard forces and provide remote monitoring and response capabilities.Verifier needed a solution that would provide all of the above while ensuring their operators only needed to respond to exceptional rule violations at street and entrance hotspots as defined by Airport City management. The company already monitored hundreds of VideoIQ systems across the country, and was well aware of how VideoIQ’s advanced patented analytics substantially reduce nuisance alarms.“We are independent, meaning that we monitor multiple systems,” says Mike Vortman, Managing Director of Verifier. “However, with other systems we are often plagued with false alarms triggered by the fierce weather conditions, passing vehicles or pedestrian traffic. With VideoIQ’s self-learning intelligent analytics and smart rules embedded in each device we are able to really hone in on actual events and predict incidents before they occur.”


Verifier recommended a VideoIQ wireless IP solution. The final design included an All in One Smart Guard system with onboard analytics and storage, a local wireless VPN connection to Verifier’s remote control room, and VideoIQ ViewTM video management software on the control room’s PCs.Since implementation, Airport City has seen a marked decrease in incidents to almost zero. By using VideoIQ at Airport City’s public entrance, Verifier’s controllers are alerted to each person of vehicle entering the area at odd times or after hours. Verifier can then alert local response teams by radio with accurate information and a complete description of any potential threat. VideoIQ’s all-in-one design with onboard storage treaming or cabling means that remote management, maintenance and upgrading of the system is simple– no video streaming or cabling needed. This minimizes downtime, eliminates the need for call-outs or on-site work, and has led to savings across the board. Better yet, local businesses are enjoying peace of mind like never before.


  • Marked decrease in incidents to nearly zero
  • Drastic reduction of false alarms – passersby and benign traffic are ignored
  • Installation and ongoing security costs reduced
  • Edge storage did not impact network infrastructure

The VideoIQ Choice

The VideoIQ solution met all of Airport City’s challenges. Dramatically reducing false alarms caused by anything not human or vehicle was key for the Trustees, management and users. Responding to actual events using accurate, intelligent analytics has proven to be the best available means that guards and controllers have to ensure proactive surveillance. Each ICVR camera also manages its own storage, so there is no need for DVRs, NVRs, special hardware or software licenses. This makes Verifier’s remote off-site design simple and easy to main- tain. And at any stage a controller can quickly interrogate the system to retrieve video or specific events.

As a result, Airport City saved on installation and overall system costs. The solution at Airport City simply involved mounting the units on poles at the perimeter and connecting them back to Verifier’s remote control room via the network. The VideoIQ solution also reduced their ongoing indirect costs of extra guards, beams, fences and control room staff to monitor screens. Also, being fully scalable means that if Airport City wants to change or expand they can simply add more VideoIQ devices where and when they are needed, without modifying or upgrading existing infrastructure – which makes this solution as simple as it is smart.

“The VideoIQ solution has dramatically reduced the load on our operators as well as our incident volume & bandwidth usage.” – Mike Voortman, Managing Director, Verifier

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