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3 Jul 2017

Manufacturer of high end components for Aerospace and other high end engineering. The Wolverhampton facility runs 24/7 365 days a year and is the size of around 2-3 football pitches. The facility is concerned mainly in manufacturing high end actuators that are installed on a range of civil and defence systems.

The facilities manager of the factory met with us at the Facilities Management show in Birmingham weeks prior. We were informed on the need to monitor the contents within Ammonia Cylinders. The customer uses ammonia in a nitrating process in which ammonia is applied to heated metal, infusing the metal with the Nitrogen. This can have beneficial properties such as making the metal infusing the metal with Nitrogen. This can have beneficial properties such as making the metal harder/tougher/higher melting temperatures etc. Presently, weighing techniques are used to ensure a cylinder has enough contents for a run. This has been shown to be ineffective and incur waste. A non-invasive, accurate method would be quicker, reduce waste and save money.

A Coltraco Engineer visited the site to conduct technology suitability trials. Our technology was found to be effective in accurately and quickly identifying the liquid level within the ammonia cylinders.


  • It was recommended that a standard un-altered Portalevel Max would be a suitable solution.

  • We also cooperated with the customer to develop an in-house testing and recording process that was compatible with their current processes.c
  • The Solution provided a quick and accurate non-invasive solution which allowed for more efficient operations and reduced waste by ensuring partially empty cylinders were not returned to the gas supplier.

  • Possibilities:
    The trial and implementation suggested that we could develop a fixed monitoring system for this agent to non-invasively constantly monitor their cylinder contents. This also stimulated interested in developing an Ammonia Portasteele program to allow accurate conversion of liquid level to agent mass

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