Acoba provide a full white label and customizable Cloud video surveillance service, video-verification & cloud record for large projects.
For system integrators, alarm reception center, Alarm panel manufacturers, ISP and other companies wishing to offer such services to their clients.
Partner with Hikvision, Axis and Dahua to embedd our Cloud gateway software into the camera, and enable direct Cloud connection.Also Acoba's a partner with the main Alarm center software managment, so we provide instant video-verification with true alarm video-clip, and many features like Cloud record, Video-Verification, Alarm signaling, playback, push notification, on all browsers, Mobile App, for Resellers, ARCs in white label, under your brand.
Distributed and OEM in over 20 countries, our Offices are in Europe, USA, Middle East and North Africa.

T: +44 (0) 207 024 3610

91 rue du Fbg Saint Honoré

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