2N Solution for Prisons and Detention Centres

19 May 2017

2N is coming up with a reliable solution for prisons and detention centres that cover the following issues:

- Communication between wardens and prisoners

- Door access control and safe corridors

- Broadcasting emergency and organizational messages

- Emergency communication and call control


Emergency cell intercoms are the backbone of communication between inmates and wardens facilitating a timely care in case of any problem. They provide also PA broadcasting and help avoid violent crimes by monitoring prisoners’ conversations without the inmates noticing.

The intercoms can be either readymade in special anti-vandal design for rough environments or be provided for incorporation into prepared cell front-plates. Automatic self-monitoring ensures constant and full operability of the microphone and speaker.


Together with the surveillance system, the door access control protects against unauthorised entry or movement within the facility. The entry terminals are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. An authorized personnel or visitors are guaranteed the access using RFID cards, keypads, Bluetooth or any combination of these.

The intercoms and access control terminals are monitored online and alarms are automatically issued in a case of trouble. The control over gates, doors, barriers and locks as well as video calls is centrally managed from the Warden’s control room.


The Public address is vital both for emergency situations and organisation of everyday prison life - broadcasting warnings, instructions, scheduled commands or background music for communal spaces or cells. The PA equipment, loudspeakers and Intercom stations, can be grouped into designated zones in order to address the right audience.

The PA systems can be connected to fire alarm systems for automated pre-recorded alarm messaging and wto communication systems (through standard SIP trunk) for telecommunication systems interoperability


All voice and video Intercoms, phones and control room stations must be interconnected through a secure and highly reliable communication system. The system, generally known as IP PBX, provides centralised call control, administration and management, which can be tailored to the prison environment needs.

The crucial features are nonstop availability achieved by geographically redundant installation, automatic call forwarding to a substitute control station, Intercom or mobile phone, call prioritisation or special call distribution at night or during holidays. In the case of general breakdown, direct calls from Intercoms to the control station can be made as a backup solution.

The system also offers call recording and the ability to covertly listen in to inmates’ conversations.

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