2015 newest Brinno 14 months Battery Powered Outdoor Security Camera MAC200DN release.

14 May 2015

To ask if there is no power supply, no wifi area like outdoor, how can we cover security when all wire CCTV, IP Cam survelliance are not workable. Brinno Portable Outdoor Security Camera MAC200DN is your last security mile choose.


Home security

Backyard security

Outdoor Security

Parking lot security

Illegal throw away watching

Temporary event security

Time Lapse Photography

Farm security

Wildlife camera

100% DIY, 100% Portable

Forget the power cord, Ethernet line or DVR System! The MAC200 is your 100% DIY, 100% Wire-free, 100% portable security camera that you can use anywhere, anytime.

Dual Protection

Brinno’s new Hybrid Mode ┬«Preset time settings to take photos (Fixed capture rate)+ Flexible Motion Activation for video capture, provides unprecedented dual protection.10x Outlook RangeImages captured at a Fixed Capture Rate, in the Time Lapse mode, cover a range over 100 meters deep.

14 Months Battery Life
The MAC200 has unequaled battery life lasting up to 14 months on 2 D Cell batteries.

< 1 Sec. Rapid Wake Up
 Brinno’s MAC200 has excellent power saving technology, by providing super long lasting standby time, combined with the ability to rapidly wake up! So you’ll never miss a shot!

Fast Playback Video
Brinno’s MAC200 captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video. Review all your visitors with the push of a button.

Night Vision Recording
Auto IR switch allow recording even during zero light at night, capture IR images with Brinno optional accessories Motion Activated Infra-RED illuminator APL200 in dark environment. Never miss shot!  

Video Storage directly into SD Card
No complicated DVR security system, 100% StandAlone 

Special functions

Time Lapse Capturing + Motion Activated
Capture any movement with either Motion Activation or a preset Time Lapse setting. The MAC200 automatically converts photos into an easy to view/review Time Lapse Video. You can review an entire days activity in a couple of minutes!

Time Lapse Mode
In Time Lapse Mode, you can record at a distance of up to 320 feet using a 1 frame per second fixed capture rate.

Motion Mode
In Motion Mode, when the PIR motion sensor is triggered by any movement in a 20 feet zone, the camera captures 2-3 images per second for 5 seconds

Hybrid Mode
Hybrid Mode consists of time lapse + motion detection, the camera switches from 1 frame per second Time Lapse Mode to Motion Mode (2-3 images per second for 5 seconds) when a moving object enters the 20 feet motion zone.

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For more info, visit Brinno IFSEC booth#C1010.

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