18th Edition Changes Released

6 Mar 2018

With changes just announced the changes to the BS 7671 18th Edition LINIAN have the world wide solution manufactured right here in Britain.

The changes to the IET Wiring Regulations (BS7671) have been announced recently and well ahead of the planned release. In the release we have details of the changes Selection and Erection of Wiring Systems. The IET/BSI release statement noted the following in their release:

·         Regulation 521.10.202 requires cables to be adequately supported against their premature collapse in the event of a fire. This applies throughout the installation and not just in escape routes.

The use of fire resistant fixings was first brought to the wider markets attention through BS5839: Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. Fire Alarm cabling installations have for many years been subject to their own version of this regulation. This was based around the requirements for maintaining circuit integrity in a fire scenario, a very different reason than the BS7671 17th Amendment 3 and forthcoming 18th Edition changes.

As we learned from the revisions to the 17th Edition in the form of Amendment 3, collapsed cabling in a fire scenario is a direct result of tragic events where fire fighters and civilians had become trapped in collapsed cabling. Where Amendment 3 was a welcome step in the right directions regarding prevention of collapsed cabling in an escape route, the proposed changes to the 18th edition take this concept out to the complete installation.

The above is noted as a significant change by BSI themselves and the implications will be felt by installers everywhere who will be looking to comply with this standard whilst providing good quality workmanship and maintaining a profit margin.

The regulations preclude the use of “non-metallic” cable clips but offer no clarification on the use of plastic components i.e. wall plugs within the substrate of the installation, a commonly asked question within the industry. Technically speaking and from the perspective of The IET, a plastic plug is still a compliant means of installation, however, recent tests by a recognised industry test house were cited as “inconclusive” due to some plugs failing and others not. A lack of viable alternatives in the industry until now is probably the largest contributor to this doubt. As LINIAN have shown that alternatives exist, some clarification on this point should be expected from our industries governing bodies.

Since the DPC (draft for public consultation) was released by BSI/IET in 2017, we have been looking closely at the applications of LINIAN “spring leg” technology and how this might be rolled out to accommodate the wider cable market. Our aim is to offer the same LINIAN features and benefits to all installers of all cable types everywhere. With that in mind, in 2018 in line with the release of the new IET Regulations, LINIAN will be bringing to market a diverse range of clips to suit round flexible and armoured cabling, flat twin and earth cabling and PVC conduit, these ranges will be launched at the FIREX Show in the London Exel in June 2018.

Beyond this product release the applications of the LINIAN technology are virtually limitless and we are constantly developing further applications. Our most valuable feedback comes from our customer network and as such we are seeking to collaborate with our; customers, end users, specifiers, wholesalers and distributors to further develop the applications for the patented LINIAN technology. Tell us how you could use a product like ours and in what applications. Visit our “Specification Information” page on our website to get involved in the collaboration.

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