10 Gigabit Switch

26 Mar 2017

DF5700-24G-4TF is layer 3 Ethernet 10Gigabit switch with high performance and high safety and intelligence.

DF5700-24G-4TF is based on the leading high performance hardware architecture and advanced software platform. It is with advanced hardware process ability and abundant features and high density 10 gigabit SFP uplink ability. Can provide large capacity gigabit access port and meet user requirement for the high density access and high performance converged of campus network and cybercafé and minimum cost virtualization solution.

Powerful software function can realize multi-business, such as forward mirror, port isolation, multicast, VLAN and so on. 

Nankeng N Rd
Longgang Qu
Shenzhen Shi
Guangdong Sheng

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